"So ya be wantin' t' know 'bout <Der Ruhmzug>, eh? Well that there seems t' be a complicated story;
not too many know a 'ell o' lot about it, an' those that do be keepin' a tight lip fer sure. I'll tell ye
what I knows, but ye best watch yer step 'cause strange things been happenin' under the co'er
o' that steam engine's whistle...

They pulled int' Kadrin Valley 'bout ten full moons ago. Noone knows where they came from
nor where they was goin'. They joined the war against the forces o' chaos, an' while they've
killed countless thousands o' the enemy, there be somethin' dark an' sinister 'bout 'em. That
Mystri 'as an unquinchable lust fer blood that goes far beyond normal... I e'en seen
'er strangle a witch elf with 'er bare 'ands; tis jus' a bit odd fer a 'ealer, me thinks.

Worse be that Ruthlos though, there be a dangerious air 'bout 'im... One e'enin'
I come t' close t' the controls an' 'e unleashed a torrent o' swear words that made
e'en my ol' dwarven ears blush. 'e pounced on me like lightnin', the very fires o' 'ell
were burnin' in 'is eyes. I thought fer sure I was dead, but then 'e started smilin' all dreamy
like an' bounded off, disappearin' into the dark. I picked mahself up off the ground, as 'e come
walkin' back toward me with an Elf lass so beautiful I plumb fergot 'bout puttin' 'is name in me
book o' grudges...

She 'ad a bow slung low cross 'er back an' a massive sword on 'er 'ip - but the part that really caught me attention
was the fact that she was wearin' nothin' but knee 'igh leather boots an a cape... 'e introduced me to 'er like we was best friends,
an I 'bout died when she dropped t' 'er knees to wrap me in 'er arms; I still feel the brush o' 'er silky lips on mah ear when she whispered 'er
name; Mystriss Freya...

Thats 'bout when the others started showin' up, seemed like an entire clan o' shadow warriors appeared outta thin air...

 Rather than face another guilds demise, <Der Ruhmzug> was established in late August 2009 to provide a permanent home for co-guild leaders Mystri and Ruthlos as well as their family and friends who remain dedicated to the enjoyment of WAR. 

Hailing originally from the Monolith server, Mystri & Ruthlos have been playing since BETA and have earned well over 500 renown ranks between
them. With 250+ renown ranks earned on the Phoenix Throne server in just 3 months it is little wonder that they earned themselves a nick-name;
Der Ruhmzug is quite literally translated as "The Renown Train."

<Der Ruhmzug> is a small, rather unique heavy T4 PvP guild. We typically run smaller private groups completely without strings; we do not require
players to join our guild, only that they jump into vent so we can work as a team to crush the enemy. We generally start the evening out alone, but
our warband is always open to those who know the magic word...

Recruitment is always open for fellow Shadow Warriors to come and go as they please. With no taxes, free liniments, potions, and tailsman's, plus lively
banter and silky karoke in guild and alliance, it is little wonder that most choose to stay in Mystriss Freya's harem of Sexy Boots. As long as you keep our
alliance name, "A Little Too Much Painis," in mind I'm sure you'll fit right in. ;)